Interactive Problem Based Learning

AASC Communications physicians and designers have created a revolutionary digital format for physician PBL sessions. Using video, audio, and graphics to progressively disclose the case to participants keeps your audience engaged to a greater degree than simply flipping through a paper-based case. This format is constantly evolving, so stay tuned for even more ways to further your problem based learning case's impact with AASC Communications.

Lecture and Discussion Recording

Our primary studio set is a two-seat lecture and discussion set, perfect for recording your lecture or interview. Your presenter can remain on screen throughout, or we can transition between shots of your presenter and full-screen slides. Text, images and video can be incorporated into your final produciton either full-screen or inset on the TV display behind your presenter. Our studio features silent climate control and cool-running LED lighting to keep your presenter cool, and teleprompting services are available to keep the presentation on track. Watch a sample of a lecture production here, or follow this link to download our Presenter Guide.

Medical Conference Recording

Your regional conference may only last a weekend, but your organization can generate revenue year-round with Enduring CME. AASC Communications can film your plenary sessions with presenter and slide display, and even broadcast them live. We can also record small group discussions of up to 30 participants with clear, multichannel audio and several camera angles. We work together with your conference A/V crew to make sure your event runs smoothly while being recorded. A clip from a Problem Based Learning session recorded from the Eastern Allergy Conference is available here.

Simulated Patient Encounters

Our secondary studio set is a mock exam room, featuring a provider workstation with computer and two patient seats. Simulated patient encounters are a great way to relay content in CME and patient education pieces alike. While patient encouter productions are typically memorized, off-camera teleprompting is available when needed via a small monitor in front of the non-speaker's face, providing the illusion of eye contact while reading your script.

Modern Client Review and Approval

Once your content has been produced, you and your legal team will likely want to review and approve the final production. AASC Communications has developed a custom web interface by which multiple reviewers can receive an invitation to review and then log on to our portal, view the production, and comment in real time. All feedback is automatically associated with that point in the playback so everyone can stay on the same page where revision edits may need to be made.

Live Broadcast

Not only are our studios a great place to record, they are a great venue for your live broadcast! Featuring live production switching with motion graphics and live green-screen effects, AASC Communications can produce your live show or webinar and broadcast to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, UStream, Livestream, private Wowza servers and more. Our dedicated internet access (DIA) fiber trunk from Spectrum Enterprise ensures your content gets to its destination without dropouts.

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